needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. The Nieman Journalism Lab is a collaborative attempt to figure out how quality journalism can survive and thrive in the Internet age. As soon as Thomas Ricker graduated with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, he landed a job in Silicon Valley right before the dot-com boom. He then moved to New York and London before settling in Amsterdam.

  • With as little as an hour per week of correspondence, plus a few edits, you can have an engaging, thriving blog that keeps customers coming back to your site.
  • His professionalism is unrivaled, his dedication awe-inspiring, and his work is seen throughout the TechCrunch site through his style and ethos.
  • ESG initiatives have become critical strategic priorities for brands and businesses, and most companies are taking at least some action—or are they?
  • From reviewing the latest tech innovations to conducting car reviews both on the road and the track, McKimm writes about everything that excites the modern man — as a journalist for Man of Many.

And thankfully so, as he is currently one of the world’s most respected freelance technology journalists. You can find his publications in places like Tom’s Hardware, Maximum PC, and Electronic Design. If you know any excellent tech journalists, do let me know in the comments section below. Drew Prindle is a very versatile writer, a respected tech columnist, and an editor. As a jack-of-all-trades, Drew Prindle is an exciting writer to follow, and I highly recommend his work at Digital Trends.

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Overall, the company is on a mission to build an equitable, sustainable, and more secure future for all, including its 36,000+ employees. Our topic-expert writers and professional editors will make an unrivalled impression on your audience. Hire Digital helps businesses build and enhance their digital capabilities with a world-class network of digital marketers, developers, and designers. Clients leverage on-demand teams to gain control of key priorities, plan their seasonal resources, and launch pilots to success. I thought that the writers found the fun voice, and I think there was a consistency across all the blog posts. It is no secret that the technology spectrum is shifting consistently.

A high rank ensures optimum results from your website and social media pages. Mabh is an experienced professional copywriter and copyeditor with clients all around the world. As well as being a published author and regular columnist for various magazines, she writes SEO-focused copy for websites, blogs, and e-zines across a variety of industries. Her primary focus is health and nutrition, with expertise in fitness, supplements, complementary therapies, and a range of medical conditions.

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Scripted has been much more reliable, and the writing quality on Scripted has been consistently strong. A great writer will quickly scale up the content on your website that will engage the right audience on social networks. Technology writers with a unique skill set attend directly to customer needs. This translates to higher search engine rankings hence more traffic. Sydney Chamberlain is a content writer specializing in informational, research-driven projects. When writing, she focuses on delivering insightful, valuable content with the goal of making measurable impacts for her clients and their brands.

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When updated consistently and SEO optimized, it can also serve as a valuable tool for capturing leads via web search. Expert Support can provide you with marketing writers who optimize the time they spend with your team to keep your blog up to date. With as little as an hour per week of correspondence, plus a few edits, you can have an engaging, thriving blog that keeps customers coming back to your site. American Scientist accepts pitches for blog posts, multimedia pieces, infographics and other freelance writing jobs.

top technology writers

Scripted has been a wonderful resource for original content across many topics. They are effective at pitching new ideas or taking raw thoughts and building them into well crafted masterpieces of content. A top software developer who has worked for some of the biggest tech companies reveals the stories behind Big Tech and software engineering. Writing tech columns in a local business magazine in his hometown of Mauritius, hosting a late-night tech radio program, and an eight-year stint at helped shape Desire Athow’s career. He later brought his four-decade-long experience to TechRadar, where he serves as its managing editor.

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The biggest benefits of moving to Scripted have been improvements in the quality of writing, access to subject matter experts, and the ability to quickly complete large volumes of writing simultaneously. He weighs in on tech trends, always aiming to write so even a digital neophyte could understand. Your B2B product might be the best one on the market, but that’s not enough to ensure success these days. Comms pros know how important the buyer experience is, and new research from AI automation solutions firm Conversica found that while the majority of B2B buyers…

From his buying guides for cheap fitness trackers to premium smartwatches, if you’re looking for someone to walk you through your next wearables purchase, I can’t recommend James Peckham’s work enough. His work is also fun to read, as he has a great sense of humor, making his articles accessible and engaging. For many years, Matt Hanson has been an integral voice in the PC gaming space, especially regarding new product releases and buying guides. In addition, his gaming hardware and peripherals reviews help PC gamers make the right buying decisions. I appreciated his recent article on the future of VR gaming, and he was even brave enough to admit he was wrong for being a VR skeptic. It’s nice to have clear expectations and a process to follow, rather than feel like every day is a desperate attempt to flag down the muse.

His diverse experiences come together as a freelance writer to offer you a lot, producing engaging SEO content that drive customers to your business and eyeballs to your website. Tim is a writer based in the East of England who loves creating fresh, SEO-focused content that entertains, informs, educates, and attracts business. Tim has a law degree and a professional background as an educator and entrepreneur, and he loves to help organisations achieve their aims through excellent writing. Tim’s writing encompasses many forms, including blog posts, press releases, articles, reports and website copy. Tim loves to research and has written for most industries, but he specialises in education, technology, web development, law and religion. You want to make sure you hire a technology writer who understands the topic and knows how to communicate with your audience.

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Whether your clicks are organic or paid, social media is a valuable tool for finding new prospects, connecting them with your community, and converting them into new customers. Use social content to stay top of mind and generate interest with eye-catching posts that are targeted to your audience. From big companies to start-ups, there’s a massive amount of freelance writing jobs out there, especially if you know how to translate tech talk into reader-friendly copy. Planet Pharma is a staffing and recruiting agency dedicated to serving businesses in the clinical, scientific, and technology sectors. The company’s complete list of services includes contract staffing, direct hiring, outsourced projects, permanent placement, contract-to-hire staffing, and managed services. Work only with the best enterprise technology writers, extensively screened by Hire Digital.

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My account manager made it really easy and straightforward for me — using Scripted definitely saved me time and energy. She’s chronicling the tech industry in India, and explaining what makes a great entrepreneur. His goal is to share “non-obvious views” on technology and venture investing.

Companies in many different fields seek out technical writers, especially in IT, software development, medicine, and manufacturing. Cecilia is one of the most respected tech journalists in the space, and her work at WIRED magazine as a video game reporter has distinguished her as one of the best in the industry. Her recent review of Microsoft Flight Simulator covers the effects of the game’s immersion and how the escapism Microsoft offers can become uncanny. So if you’re looking for mature and informative video game reviews that explore the broader cultural effects of the games she’s reviewing, Cecilia D’Anastasio is a worthy journalist to look out for. Joanna Stern operates more like an everyday bastion of technology news than her other WSJ colleagues, who focus on hard-hitting business news, making her content a whole lot more accessible. Her tech guides, like how to deal with FaceID with a mask on, have proven supportive in this strange world of ours.

We’ve been hearing talk for a while about the changing face of journalism, but technical writing isn’t going anywhere. Companies will always rely on the written word to communicate, teach and sell. A publication of Vox Media, the Verge covers a vast array of tech topics. Content explores how tech integrates with the public, including areas like AI and tech policies, as well as the impact it will have on the future. How often do businesses and people use smartphones, computers, and digital devices? Besides gadgets, the deputy editor of the Verge specializes in mobile tech and has quite an obsession with computer and camera bags.

The company leads a global team of more than 75,000 professionals and encourages its staff to create meaningful solutions, improve technologies, and build satisfying careers. Technical writers create in-depth instruction and training materials to describe complex tools, systems, or technologies. While the job may focus on writing and content management, it can also involve technical illustration, graphic design, and video production. Technical writing is a great option for writers and communications professionals looking to work from home.

In some cases, experts with work in national publications can ask for more. Then again, beginning writers might charge as low as 5 cents per word. Beginning writers can cover basic topics but don’t expect expert content. Carla has React Native Dotenv Using environment variables in React Native certificates in digital design and illustration, and she also produces ebooks and other visual content. In today’s internet-driven world, technology buyers do most of their research online before ever speaking to your sales team.

From the recent feud between Apple and Epic Games to Facebook’s less than consumer-friendly practices regarding the new Oculus VR headsets, Adi paints an accurate picture when talking about tech news. Her recent hits include covering how US Politicians handle the tech industry, notably her coverage of the July anti-trust hearings. Adi is experienced, professional, and undoubtedly a trustworthy source for your latest updates on the technology industry.